The eblearn tools help to create datasets, train models and run them. Their code is located in eblearn/tools/tools/src and binaries are built into eblearn/bin, and installed on the system with 'make install'. They can all be compiled by calling 'make tool', or simply 'make'. Most tools will show a brief help when called without arguments.

Dataset tools
  • dscompile: A data compilation tool.
  • dssplit: split a dataset in two (e.g. validation and training).
  • dsmerge: merge two datasets into one (e.g. positive and negative datasets).
  • dsdisplay: show samples and labels contained in a dataset.
  • dsfprop: runs a network on an entire dataset and saves its raw outputs as a new dataset.
  • imfprop: runs a network on an image and saves the raw outputs.
  • capture: capture images from camera for training.
Training tools
  • train: train a model given a configuration file.
  • maketable: create a table matrix for convolutional connections.
Detection tools
  • detect: find bounding boxes around objects in images given a trained model (multi-threaded version).
  • classify: classifies inputs and prints out classes and confidences.
  • track: find and track objects in video inputs given a trained model.
  • stdetect: single-threaded version of detect.
  • mpidetect: cluster multi-threaded version of detect, using MPI.
Jobs tools
  • metarun: run multiple jobs in parallel or in sequence, given all possible configurations in a configuration file with multi-values variables. metarun analyzes outputs and sends emails with reports and curves at different iterations. It can also be used with clusters (using MPI).
  • metaparse: parse the output files and directories of metarun, analyze results and send reports and curves.
Matrix tools
  • matshow: display images of any type and .mat matrix types. matshow can show multiple images at the same time. It can also display weights of a stored model.
  • ebl2matlab: converts eblearn/lush matrix format into Matlab matrix format.
  • narrow: allows to narrow some dimension of a matrix file and save it.
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